Established in 2005, Luoyang Ruiyu has been well-known for specializing in the production of foundry materials. In the past decades, our company focuses on the research, development and production of artificial foundry sand. With more than 10 years effort, Luoyang Ruiyu developed fused ceramic sand, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional foundry sand. Ceramic sand has good shape, high refractoriness, and perfect stability under high temperature. It is a great cost-effective alternative for chromite sand and zircon sand and has been recognized by foundry experts home and abroad. Currently, Luoyang Ruiyu could produce 3,000 tons of ceramic sand every year.

  Luoyang Ruiyu has a belief that "Based on quality, reputation comes first". We'd like to dedicate ourselves to the green development of foundry industry!



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