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Regarding foundry sand, people all wish to choose those with high refractoriness, small thermal expansion, and perfect round shape. Artificial sand, rather than natural sand, could better meet these requirements.

In the past decades, our company focuses on the research, development and production of artificial foundry sand.Ceramic sand is an artificial foundry sand, developed by Luoyang Ruiyu. It is mainly composed of Al2O3, has a high refractoriness (1825℃), similar to chromite sand and zircon sand, with only 60% density of chromite sand and zircon sand. It is in standard spherical shape and angle factor is smaller than 1.1, which significantly enhance the permeability in the foundry process, and greatly decrease the use of binder and hardener by 40%. So ceramic sand could reduce emissions, protect environment and successfully overcome the porosity defects in the foundry process. Ceramic sand also has quite a small expansion coefficient, 0.13% under 1000 oC, to improve casting accuracy. The high hardness of ceramic sand, which reaches 7.8 Mohs hardness, greatly decreases the crushing rate of the sand and make the recycling rate over 96%. Ceramic sand is a kind of neutral materials, with 7.8 pH, and suitable for all kinds of binders. Compared with chromite sand and zircon sand, ceramic sand produce much less pollution in production.

The adorable features of ceramic sand bring it a broad application prospects in foundry industry. The use of ceramic sand in the foundry of resin sand could greatly reduce the use of resin and hardener. For the water and oil core used in engine castings, use of ceramic sand could overcome the porosity defects, improve the surface quality and make it easier to clean the castings. The use of ceramic sand in lost foam casting (LFC) could benefit the emission of combustion gases. Considering its good fluidity, ceramic sand could be used as the drainage sand in iron and steel smelting. It could also be used in the surface sandblast of castings and steel.

Luoyang Ruiyu has a belief "Customer first, Quality first". Based on layers of control and excellence, we try our best to make you feel at ease. We sincerely welcome you dear customers home and abroad to visit and cooperate with us.

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