Problems in Casting Process of Lost Foam Casting

Lost foam casting (LFC) process has been developed rapidly in recent years because of its low investment and low cost.The gating system plays a very important role in the lost foam casting process, an


V-process Casting Technology

The V process casting originated in Japan. It uses plastic film to vacuum to make dry sand molding, that is, physical modeling.Because it does not use binder, shakeout is simple and convenient, the co


It has become a trend for foundry industry to move from tradition to intelligence

It has become a trend for foundry industry to move from tradition to intelligence.The typical application mode of intelligent casting is digital foundry, which uses information technology to manage al


Analysis on the Defect of Anti-Penetration Casting with Ceramic Foundry Sand

It has been proved by practice that the adoption of ceramic foundry sand can obviously reduce mechanical and chemical metal penetration, labour intensity of cleaning sand and defects such as sand incl


Replacement of Silica Sand by Ceramic Foundry Sand in Resin Sand

The casting expansion defects can be effectively prevented by using part of the ceramic foundry sand in the molding sand and core sand. Besides, the shell mold and shell core can have the properties


Advantages of Ceramic Foundry Sand Used in V Process Casting

V-process casting is a green casting technology with high dimensional precision, clear outline and smooth surface, which not only conforms to the national green manufacturing industrial policy, but al


Process of Sand Casting

The process of sand casting mainly consists of six stages and they are mold-making, clamping, pouring, cooling, removal and trimming.


Sand Casting

As a kind of casting sand, ceramic foundry sand has the advantages of high refractoriness, low expansion rate, low breakage rate, good spherical shape, high air permeability, good filling and no silicon dust hazard. It is suitable for sand casting (molding sand, core sand), V-method casting, lost foam casting (filling sand), coating (ceramic foundry sand powder) and other casting processes.


The Advantages of Ceramic Foundry Sand as a Drainage Sand

Drainage sand is very commonly used in the smelting industry. Drainage sand has the advantages of good fluidity, good permeability, fast flow rate and steel erosion resistance.Drainage sand is mainly


Technological Characteristics of Casting Furan Resin

Foundry furan resin can be divided into cast steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal from the use.From the curing direction, it can be divided into self-hardening, cold core box and hot core box.


Lost Foam Casting

Lost Foam Casting is a new casting technology with great development prospects and its application field is wider and wider. Let's learn some knowledge about it.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sodium Silicate Sand Precision Casting Compared with Cold Set Resin Bonded Sand Casting

The main difference between sodium silicate sand precision casting and cold set resin bonded sand casting is that it uses different binders and curing agents, so its production processes are different.

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