What is the ceramic foundry sand? What are the characteristics?

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Ceramic foundry sand is a kind of refractory particle which is made of high quality bauxite by the process of electric melting, blowing and screening. So what is ceramic foundry sand, what are the characteristics of ceramic foundry sand?
Ceramic foundry sand also known as fused ceramsite, technical name' molten ceramic sand', is a new high-end green casting material in recent years. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no crushing, no dust, spherical, high air permeability, good filling and no silicon dust hazard, which is green and environmentally friendly sand. It is suitable for sand casting (molding sand, core sand), V-method casting, lost foam casting (filled sand), coating (ceramic foundry sand powder) and other casting processes, in the automotive engine and automotive parts, large cast steel, cast iron pieces and other fields widely used, known as the green environment-friendly casting sand.
Characteristics of Ceramic Foundry Sand:
The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, the performance can be comparable with zircon sand, with its configuration molding sand, casting will not produce expansion defects.
The sand grains are spherical, with good fluidity and air permeability.
The surface is smooth and the structure is dense, so that the adhesive can cover uniformly.
Ceramic foundry sand is a neutral material, acid, alkali adhesive can be used.
Ceramic foundry has good recycling performance and high cost performance.
Compared with chromite sand and zircon sand, the price of ceramic foundry sand is only 25-50% of zircon sand and chromite sand. At the same time, since the sand grain is spherical and the surface area is small, the added amount of resin can be reduced by 30-50%, and the added amount of water glass is less than or equal to 4%; As a result, the casting defects caused by the binder are reduced and the rate of finished products is increased.
Ceramic foundry sand has high fire resistance and is easy to collapse.
The mullite phase of ceramic foundry sand is much higher than that of sintered products, and it has good refractoriness.
Ceramic foundry sand has high thermal conductivity, good stability and no cracking.
Ceramic foundry sand has a wide range of applications: It is suitable for lost foam, coated sand, sodium silicate sand, resin sand, precision casting and polishing copper, aluminum items.


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