3D Print is the Current Development Trend of Foundry Enterprise

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In the aspect of casting mould, the rapid response and high degree of freedom of 3D printing technology have brought tremendous changes to the mould manufacturing industry, shortening the cycle, reducing costs, lowering the threshold, improving life and customization.3D printing technology can quickly transform design ideas into physical objects, especially for the production of complex structures, facilitate effective communication between designers and customers and enterprise teams, help early design verification, and reduce error costs.
Traditional casting methods, such as automobile engine cylinder block and cylinder head, take 5-6 months, and the cost is as high as 1-2 million yuan, if we want to change the die or even design the die, it will take longer.
Using 3D printing rapid prototyping, taking the cylinder body and cylinder head of automobile engine as an example, takes 1-2 months (2 weeks for the first part) and costs about 100000 yuan, if it is necessary to modify the mould, the data can be modified by computer to save the mould cost. 3D printing completely subverts the traditional core manufacturing mode in sand casting process, greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, time and complexity obstacles;Compared with the traditional casting manufacturing technology, digital dieless casting manufacturing technology has unparalleled advantages.
3D Printing Parts and Sand Molding Pictures
The traditional casting method is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also has high rejection rate, which is difficult to guarantee the shape integrity and compactness. Modern 3D printing technology can ensure that the mold shape is completely consistent, the appearance is smooth, the density is high, the appearance and overall quality are superior to the traditional casting method, greatly improving the yield of castings, surface smoothness, reducing casting defects, reject rate, thus saving more costs.
Taking the engine cylinder block with high difficulty and complex shape as an example, it can be seen that the appearance of the finished product is clean and tidy, and the casting problems such as sand inclusion and sand hole are reduced. Please enjoy the 3D printing casting and sand pictures below.

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