How to choose ceramic foundry sand? How to choose the specification of ceramic foudnry sand?

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Also known as fused ceramsite or ceramsite sand,ceramic foundry sand is a new type of casting material, which is made from high quality bauxite by calcination, electrofusion, granulation, screening and other processes. It is mainly used in the casting industry;The use is not exactly the same for the different specifications of ceramic foundry sand; In the casting process, different specifications of ceramic foundry sand are selected according to different casting technology. For example, some meshes are suitable for aluminum castings, and some meshes are more suitable for steel castings.
1.The ceramic foundry sand for steel casting has the characteristics of easy collapsibility, high temperature resistance, low consumption of acid, small angle coefficient, small amount of adhesive added, not fragmentation, high strength and non-toxicity.It is suitable for V-method casting, sand casting, lost foam casting, casting coating and other casting processes, and is widely used in automotive engines, automotive parts, cast iron pieces, large cast steel and other fields.The 30-70 mesh ceramic foundry sand is suitable for this kind of casting.
2.The ceramic foundry sand used in LFC can be melted and blown into spheroids with sphericity > 95%, roundness > 95%, refractoriness > 1800 °, strength> 65MP; With low surface roughness and good permeability, ceramic foundry sand is a new casting material for precision casting, precoated sand and self-hardening sand.
3.The ceramic foundry sand used in precision casting is resistant to high temperature, easy to crumble, with less glass water added, spherical, high thermal conductivity, good high temperature stability and good acid and alkali corrosiveness. The casting has high surface finish and good serviceability;  Precision casting usually select ceramic foundry sand of 70-120 mesh.


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