High-end magnesium alloy casting technology is the future development direction of manufacturing industry

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Magnesium alloy, as the lightest engineering metal material, is an important material in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic communications and other fields.The use of magnesium alloy parts in automobiles can reduce their weight and fuel consumption; Using magnesium alloy to make the computer shell can enhance its seismic capacity and better protect the internal parts.High-strength and heat-resistant magnesium alloy is a high-end new material in magnesium alloys, which not only has light weight and high strength, but also can maintain its original performance at high temperature without significant change.
For alloys, both composition and heat treatment process and forming process will affect their ultimate properties, and magnesium is flammable, so a unique process is needed to avoid combustion in the process of melting and forming. After years of research and experience analysis of the characteristics of high-end magnesium alloys, continuous improvement, optimization, testing, and ultimately developed to meet the requirements of the casting.
Magnesium alloy has broad application prospects because of its unique advantages, casting magnesium alloy, especially high strength and heat resistant rare earth magnesium alloy, has been widely used in aerospace field.In recent years, new magnesium alloy processing technology and innovative applications are emerging all over the world.

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