Technological Characteristics of Casting Furan Resin

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Foundry furan resin can be divided into cast steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal from the use.From the curing direction, it can be divided into self-hardening, cold core box and hot core box.




Technological Characteristics of Casting Furan Resin


1.Furan resin sand uses furan resin and acid curing agent, hardening at normal temperature. High strength casting, accurate size. When pouring molten metal, furan resin is decomposed by heat and burns, gas generation is large and concentrated, so it is easy to form pore defects gradually;


2.Furan resin sand is poured into the sand box in the way of dry sand when modeling, its liquidity is good, and it can not be vigorously pounded. The spacing between sand particles is much larger than that of clay sand, and the air permeability is good;


3.Furan resin sand adopts fast and stable pouring system, so that the metal liquid in the casting mold can be filled rapidly or reach a certain height, and the pressure of the metal liquid can prevent the gas in the resin sand from entering the casting, so as to force the gas to be discharged from the sand mold with good air permeability;


4.The furan resin sand mold conducts heat slowly and the casting is not easy to cool; When designing the risers, the mold cooling should be considered properly, so that the castings have better collapsibility and easier desanding;The surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of castings are higher than that of clay-sand castings.


There are many types of furan resins for different casting conditions; Firstly, the appropriate nitrogen content should be selected according to the material and size of the casting;To ensure a good operating environment, try to choose the resin with low aldehyde content.According to the casting quality requirements and the specific situation of field equipment and cost factors, select the appropriate moisture index, and ultimately determine the type of resin.

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