Advantages of Ceramic Foundry Sand Used in V Process Casting

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V-process casting is a green casting technology with high dimensional precision, clear outline and smooth surface, which not only conforms to the national green manufacturing industrial policy, but also meets the needs of enterprise efficiency and customer product quality, and is widely used. All V-process castings use dry sand molding. If silica sand is used, a lot of silica dust will be distributed during shakeout, and the working conditions will be very bad, which is a problem to be solved urgently.Replacing silica sand with ceramic foundry sand can greatly reduce the dust emission, and the siliceous dust contained in the dust is very little, which is of great significance to improve working conditions and protect the environment.




In addition, there are the following benefits.


1. With the refractoriness over 1800℃,ceramic foundry sand is higher than that of silica sand, and the compactness of filling is high, so the surface quality of castings can be improved and the reject rate can be reduced.


2. The particle shape of ceramic foundry sand is spherical and has good fluidity, For castings with complex shapes, the parts which are difficult to fill, such as inner angle, deep concave and flat hole, are easy to fill tightly. As a result, the sand-wrapping defects at these positions can be significantly reduced, and the workload of cleaning and finishing can be greatly reduced.


3. The amount of molding sand consumed per ton of castings can be reduced by 90%, and the waste discharged can be reduced accordingly;


Although the price of ceramic foundry sand is much higher than that of silicon sand, if it is used properly and calculated comprehensively, not only the casting quality can be obviously improved, but also the production cost can be reduced.


The low thermal expansion rate of the ceramic foundry sand can prevent the casting from the expansion defects. Ceramic foundry sand, as a green environmental protection molding material, has been widely used at present, and will play a greater role in the national environmental protection situation and the transformation and upgrading process of foundry industry in the future.

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