The Application and Characteristics of Lost Foam Casting

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Nowadays, the application field of lost foam casting is wider and wider, and it is a new casting technology with great development prospects. Today, let's talk about the production application and characteristics of lost mold casting。


Characteristics of Lost Foam Casting

1. The castings have the characteristics of precise size and shape, good duplicability, precision casting and high surface finish.

2. The sand core and core-making department were cancelled, and the casting defects and rejects caused by core-making and core-setting were eliminated.

3. Dry sand moulding without binder, moisture and any additives is used to eliminate various casting defects and rejects caused by moisture, additives and binder.

4. Greatly simplifies the sand processing system, sand can be all repeated use; The sand preparation department and the main sand waste department were cancelled.

5. It can set the reasonable shape of the casting in the ideal position, and is not restricted by the traditional factors such as parting and mould taking, so as to reduce the internal defects of the casting.

6. Combined pouring with more pieces in one box greatly improves the casting process yield and production efficiency. 

7. Reduce machining allowance and lower machining cost

Application of Lost Foam Casting in Production

Lost Foam Casting (LFC) is a casting method in which the foam model is used to replace the wooden model, and the liquid metal is poured directly without taking out the foam model, so that the ideal castings can be obtained. Compared with the traditional sand casting, the lost foam casting has great advantages in producing single piece or small batch of cast iron platform, machine bed and other large moulds. It not only saves the expensive cost of wood molding, but also is easy to operate, shortens the production cycle, improves the production efficiency, and has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance and good surface quality.

Lost foam casting is a new casting method, in which foam patterns are bonded together to form clusters of patterns with the same size and shape as the workpieces to be cast, then the clusters are rinsed with refractory coating, dried and then embedded in dry quartz sand for vibration molding, and then poured under negative pressure to make the patterns gasified and liquefy the metals to occupy the positions of the patterns so as to form the castings after they are solidified and cooled.

The new technology of lost foam casting is called EPC-V casting, which is praised as the casting technology of the 20th century, and is also called green casting; It represents the contemporary casting technology. The products produced by this new technology have high dimensional accuracy, high surface smoothness, compact internal structure, good mechanical and physical properties, good machining performance, and high qualified rate of casting and machining. It can produce castings with complex shape and thin wall. The production line of the new technology can realize mechanization, automation, high production efficiency, energy saving, material saving, low cost and little environmental pollution.

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