Which specification of sand is usually used in the lost foam casting?

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Before knowing which specification of sand is used in the lost foam casting, it is necessary to understand the principle of casting process and what is mesh. Today let me give you an introduction. Mesh refers to the unit of measurement of raw material particle size, that is, the unit of measurement of particle size, generally expressed in the maximum length of the particle.
Lost foam casting process belongs to dry sand and full-mold casting, its process principle is simply to replace the traditional self-hardening sand with dry sand by vacuum suction, and replace the traditional core-setting process with foam plastic model.
Dry sand compaction solid model use sand with high mesh and small size,the smaller the gap between sands is, the better the compact solid model is; However, don't forget that the Lost Foam needs to be vacuumed to stabilize the filter to remove dust, even the biggest requirement of flask is good ventilation performance. Thus, the contradiction is created, the higher the mesh number of sand is, the worse the ventilation performance is, even the sand can be vacuumed away through the flask and compaction solid effect is not good. After a long time of practical application, finally finding an optimal balance point in this contradiction, with similar size to millet grain, 20-40 mesh is recognized publicly as the best mesh number.
Because most of the sand meshes in the market are not very accurate, the combination of thickness within 20-40 meshes can not only ensure good tightening effect, but also maintain excellent breathability. 
The lost foam casting process has unparalleled advantages over traditional casting technology and the lost foam casting process has been perfected.
As a kind of casting sand, ceramic foundry sand has the advantages of high refractoriness, no crushing, no dust, spherical shape, high air permeability, good filling and no silicon dust hazard; it is green and environmentally friendly sand. It is suitable for sand casting (molding sand, core sand), V-method casting, lost foam casting (filling sand), coating (ceramic foundry sand powder) and other casting processes, and is widely used in automotive engines and automotive parts, large steel castings, iron castings and other fields, known as the green environment-friendly foundry sand.
Ceramic foundry sand can reduce thermal expansion in the casting process, and its strength will be improved a lot. The addition amount of the resin can be appropriately reduced, thereby reducing the gas generation and saving the cost. Silica sand is pure, refractory degree is high, quartz sand is second; ceramic foundry sand has perfect spherical shape good,which which ensures the smoothness of the casting.
Luoyang Ruiyu has been well-known for specializing in the production of foundry materials. In the past decades, our company focuses on the research, development and production of artificial foundry sand. With more than 10 years effort, Luoyang Ruiyu developed fused ceramic sand, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional foundry sand. Ceramic sand has good shape, high refractoriness, and perfect stability under high temperature. It is a great cost-effective alternative for chromite sand and zircon sand and has been recognized by foundry experts home and abroad. With good production capacity, our company can produce a complete variety of ceramic foundry sand.



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