What are the advantages of lost foam casting over traditional sand casting?

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Nowadays, the foundry industry is developing vigorously, and the lost foam casting and sand casting are still the important production methods of castings.Compared with the traditional sand casting, the lost foam casting has more advantages as below.
Ceramic foundry sand
1、The Lost Foam Casting does not need parting and coring, so it is especially suitable for box, shell and barrel castings with complex geometric shape which are difficult to complete in traditional casting.
2、In the lost foam casting process, the dry sand buried model can be used repeatedly, the industrial garbage is less, and the cost is obviously reduced.
3、There is no burr in the lost foam casting, and the cleaning time can be reduced by more than 80%.
4、The lost foam casting production line can be widely used, not only for cast iron, ductile iron, but also for steel castings at the same time, so the transfer is flexible and the scope of application is wide.
5、The lost foam casting is not only suitable for large batch casting parts by mechanized operations, but also suitable for small batch casting parts by hand stitching model..
6、If the lost foam casting can get enough investment, it can achieve dust-free air, no sand on the ground, low labor intensity and good working environment.
7、The Lost Foam casting eliminated model working procedure, so workers can become skilled after a short period of training.
8、The Lost Foam Casting is suitable for group casting, and it is easy to remove sand from dry sand mold; The waste heat treatment can be carried out on some material castings according to the use of waste heat.
9、The lost foam casting is not only suitable for medium and small casting, but also suitable for large casting, such as lathe bed, large diameter pipe fittings, large cold stamping die, large mining equipment fittings, etc. Because the model making period is short, the cost is low, and the production period is short, so it is particularly well received.
To sum up, with the advantages of high precision, low cost, low labor intensity and good working environment, the lost foam casting has gradually replaced sand casting in some product areas and served more and more enterprises.

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