What are the advantages of ceramic foundry sand as a drainage sand?

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In the foundry industry, the main types of drainage sand are silica sand, chromite sand and ceramic foundry sand. In recent years, as a new type of casting material, ceramic foundry sand has been recognized by the foundry industry, and its advantages in all aspects of the foundry industry are becoming more and more obvious, and ceramic foundry sand has replaced quartz sand in the status of casting materials; Ceramic foundry sand as a drainage sand has obvious advantages over the other two kinds of drainage sand , we can make a comparison.
Silica sand, also known as quartz sand, is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, which belongs to the source sand; The advantages of silica sand are wide distribution, low processing cost and low price. The disadvantage is that the friction force when filling sand is large, which is not conducive to free flow, poor liquidity and easy to cause expansion.
Ceramic foundry sand belongs to artificial sand, the grain shape is close to true circle and the surface is smooth, no concave and convex veins, so the liquidity is very good; And also it has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity and small expansion after being heated, which can prevent bridging; Contacting with the molten steel can form a uniform protective layer, which is conducive to preventing the floating of the drainage sand and the penetration of the molten steel; In addition, the proportion is small, and the price is also relatively advantageous. 

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