What are the advantages of ceramic foundry sand over silica sand?

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Ceramic foundry sand is a kind of green artificial and environmentally friendly foundry sand, which is conducive to reducing the generation of dust in the production process. Silica sand is pure, refractory degree is high, quartz sand is second; ceramic foundry sand has perfect spherical shape good,which which ensures the smoothness of the casting.This should start with raw sand and artificial sand.Silica sand is a kind of raw sand, which is the largest amount of raw materials for foundry production. Because the main component of silica sand is quartz mineral, it is called quartz sand in geology. Quartz sand is divided into foundry sand and glass sand according to its performance, composition and usage. Ceramic foundry sand has advantages of high refractoriness, good thermal stability, low breakage rate and high cycle utilization rate
At present, the annual output of ceramic foundry sand in our country is over 400000 tons, and most of them are exported to foreign countries in the early stage, but there is little application in China; In recent years, although the domestic consumption has gradually increased, it still fails to make full use of our own advantages.
Next, we will have a detailed understanding of the advantages of ceramic foundry sand over silica sand from the modeling aspects.
1. The content of dust in the air of the workplace is greatly reduced, especially the siliceous dust is very little;
2. The raw sand consumption per ton of castings can be greatly reduced and resources can be saved;
3. Because the fluidity of sand is good, under the same compaction condition, the compactness of mold and core is improved and the permeability is still good, which is very helpful to improve the quality of castings;
4. The drawing property of molding sand is improved obviously, which can reduce the drawing slope of pattern and decrease the sand dropping during drawing, which is helpful to improve the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of castings;
5. The low thermal expansion rate of ceramic foundry sand is an important advantage, which can prevent the casting from expanding defects.
Although the price of ceramic foundry sand is much higher than that of silica sand, if it is used properly, the use of ceramic foundry sand can not only obviously improve the quality of castings, but also reduce the production cost for long-term use.


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