What castings are suitable for the lost foam casting process?

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Lost foam casting (LFC) is a new casting method in which paraffin or foam models similar to the casting in shape and size are bonded together to form pattern clusters, then coated with refractory coating and baked, embedded in dry quartz sand and shaped vibratively under vacuum pouring to make pattern vaporize and liquid metal occupy the pattern position.

1. Motor shell structure: simple, mature technology, large batch and high yield.

2. Cylinder block: The traditional casting of cylinder block causes large slits, uneven wall thickness and high cost, while the lost foam casting can perfectly solve these problems, and the structure type of the cylinder block is single, and the process is easy to control. The cost advantage of lost foam casting is obvious because of the large batch of cylinder block.
Attention: Membrane coated sand core is required for cylinder block with water jacket.

3. Gearbox: This kind of products include axle housing, reducer housing, gearbox, etc. Lost Foam casting has solved the trouble of coring before, and the wall thickness is easy to control, draft slope is small, weight is reduced, appearance is beautiful. Attention should be paid to the deformation problem.

4. High chromium cast irons-wear-resistant parts: including slurry pump impeller, inner lining, cone grinder, tooth tips and other products, such castings generally have simple structure, can ignore carbon defects, high yield and low cost. Note: Some large products are not suitable.

5. Valve Body: Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, check valves and other valve body, lost foam casting are easy, do not have to consider the core, wall thickness uniform. Disadvantages: Be aware of leakage issues.

6. Pipe type: flanges, socket, elbow, tee, etc. Lost Foam casting very fast and convenient. Disadvantages: Beware of distortion issues.

7. Pump Shell: slurry pumps, pipeline pumps, double suction pumps and other products, which solve the problems of uneven wall thickness and large slope by lost foam casting. Cons: Beware of leakage.


8. Agricultural machinery products: high efficiency, low cost, in addition, the surface quality requirements of agricultural machinery products are getting higher and higher, and the lost foam casting has obvious advantages.


9. Machine tool parts: For this kind of particularly large castings, the trouble of turning over the box to shape is saved after they are cast in lost foam, and the cost is obviously reduced and the efficiency is obviously improved. Disadvantages: relatively large mold input, the general use of hand-cut white mold, surface finish and fillet is not very good.

10. Metallurgical Machinery: This type of products are grate, anode steel claw, wear-resistant ball, etc. Lost mode to do a handy.

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