How will the foundry industry face the opportunities and challenges in 2020?

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Under COVID-19 epidemic situation, many foundry industry enterprises are facing different degrees of survival pressure. Enterprises are difficult to do, talent is difficult to find, the whole foundry industry is facing a large area of changes and shuffling, facing opportunities and challenges, how the foundry industry turning crisis into opportunity has become the focus of thinking and attention of the vast foundry practitioners.
In 2020, the number of foundry enterprises in China is expected to decrease from more than 26000 at present to less than 15000, forming a number of leading foundry enterprises with independent innovation ability and international competitiveness.
Accelerating the Elimination of Outdated Production Capacity
At present, the number of foundry enterprises is still more than 26000, not only the average scale of enterprises is far lower than that of developed countries, but also the development of enterprises is seriously unbalanced. Over 10000 foundry enterprises are still using outdated production technology and equipment, and the technical and economic indicators such as pollutant emission, energy consumption and material consumption are far higher than the average level of the industry, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the industry. At the same time, the capacity in most areas has been seriously excessive, the opening rate of automatic molding line in the industry is less than 60%, and the existence of a large number of outdated capacity has intensified the disorderly competition in the market.
In order to fundamentally change the situation of large but not strong foundry industry in China, we should first implement the industrial policy orientation and market competition mechanism of foundry industry access, strengthen the constraints of energy consumption and environmental protection, intensify efforts to eliminate outdated capacity and eliminate excess capacity, reduce the number of foundry enterprises in China, and form a market demand scale. We should vigorously promote the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure.


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