Why Ceramic Foundry Sand is the Ideal Molding Sand for the Lost Foam Casting?

Release time: 2020-06-03 11:54:00.000


Ceramic foundry sand used in lost foam process has obvious advantages and can control product quality more effectively and accurately. At present, ceramic foundry sand is commonly use in the lost foam casting. The emergence of ceramic foundry sand makes it possible to produce complex castings that could not be produced before, and makes the development of foundry industry a higher level. The appearance of ceramic foundry sand makes up the shortage of molding sand in the past and avoids the defects of castings.
Advantage one: In the cost accounting
Ceramic foundry sand has high refractoriness up to over 1800℃, high strength and 3. 4g/cm3 real density; Ceramic foundry sand is not easy to crack and pulverize in the process of molding and sand treatment, and can be reused after simple treatment, and the reusing rate can reach 95%. From the long-term economic benefits, the use of ceramic foundry sand greatly reduces the cost of molding sand.
Advantage two: in terms of environmental protection
Ceramic foundry sand is spherical particles with high strength, will not produce a large amount of dust in modeling and sand processing, will not pollute the surrounding environment, and has no health hazards to operators;As the ceramic foundry sand can be recycled for a long time, the discharge of waste sand is greatly reduced; Using traditional foundry sand will not only produce a large amount of dust, pollution of the production environment, but also produce a large amount of waste sand; The use of precious beads sand can improve the traditional casting environment, meet the current environmental protection policy, benefit the country and the people.
Advantage three: casting quality
The high refractoriness of ceramic foundry sand determines that it will not pulverize in high temperature casting; The spherical shape of ceramic foundry sand particles determines that it is easy to be solid when filling sand, leaving no gap; With the influence of these factors, the castings casted by ceramic foundry sand have smooth surface, no sand penetration, no defects such as rat tail, scab, blowhole and so on; The thermal expansion coefficient (20-1000 ℃) is 6 × 10-6/℃, and there is no expansion defect in castings.
Advantage four: ceramic foundry sand suitable for all kinds of metal casting
The main component of ceramic foundry sand is alumina; After calcination and electric melting, ceramic foundry sand has high refractoriness, suitable for making various metal castings, such as carbon steel, alloy steel (high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron), cast iron, cast copper and so on.
Ceramic foundry sand has broad prospects as the lost foam casting sand by virtue of its own performance advantages, which has been recognized by many enterprises in lost foam casting and has become a new favorite of metal castings.


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