Advantages of V Method Casting Process for Casting Wear Resistant Parts

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V method casting is also called vacuum sealed molding.V method casting, namely vacuum sealed molding; The principle is to use plastic film to seal the sand box, and use vacuum pump to draw out the air in the mold to form a pressure difference inside and outside the mold, so as to compact the dry sand and form the required mold cavity.Compared with traditional sand casting, the biggest advantage of V-process is that it does not use binder, which reduces the work of sand treatment, and greatly reduces the labor of moulding and casting cleaning, and the recovery rate of used sand can reach more than 95%.
The castings produced by V method have good quality, smooth surface, clear outline, accurate size and uniform hardness, which effectively prolongs the service life of castings and has been praised by users and become the new favorite of the industry.
1. The surface of the casting is bright and clean, the appearance quality is good, the adverse effect of the appearance defect is reduced, and the wear resistance is improved;As that sand mold is alway kept in a vacuum state, the mold cavity is not easy to deform, which is beneficial to the filling of the metal liquid in the CAS mold, and the castings have clear outline, accurate dimension and less machining allowance;
2. V-method casting does not add binder and additives, does not need sand mixing equipment, saves raw materials and power, reduces environmental pollution, reduces operation and maintenance costs, and is beneficial to environmental protection;
3.the old sand can be reused up to 95%, and the difficult problem of waste sand treatment is solved;
4. V-process casting has good flowability, strong filling ability, slow cooling rate of liquid metal in the mold cavity, favorable feeding shrinkage, small casting riser, high utilization rate of metal and high process yield;
5. V method casting sand mould has high compactness, can be poured at low temperature, and makes wear-resistant castings have fine grain and good wear-resistant performance; The outer chills can be added to refine the grain of wear-resistant parts of wear-resistant castings and improve the wear-resistance.
6. The degree of mechanization is high, the working conditions are improved, the labor intensity of workers is reduced and the working environment is good.
Because the V-method casting process has the above six advantages, it plays an important role in the production of wear-resistant castings in China and even in the world.

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