Casting Process Flow

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Foundry has had thousands of years of history and formed a standardized casting process. The main processes of sand casting are as follows.


1. Mold production: make mold according to the requirements of drawings, wood mold can be used in single piece production, plastic mold and metal mold can be made in batch production, template can be made in batch casting.


2. Mixing Sand Stage: According to the requirements of sand mold manufacture and the different types of castings, the qualified molding sand is prepared for molding.


3. The molding (coremaking) stage: includes molding (forming the cavity of the casting with molding sand), coremaking (forming the internal shape of the casting), and mold fitting (placing the core into the cavity and closing the upper and lower flasks). Modeling is a key link in casting.


4. Melting stage: Prepare the chemical composition according to the required metal composition, select the appropriate melting furnace to melt the alloy material, and form the qualified liquid metal (including the qualified composition and the qualified temperature)


5. Pouring stage: fill qualified molten metal into the sand box with prepared moulds. The casting stage is very dangerous, so special attention should be paid.


6. Cleaning stage: After pouring and after the molten metal solidifies, remove the molding sand, kick off the gate and other accessories to form the required casting.

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