High Refractoriness Ceramic Foundry Sand Used in Precision Casting

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As a green foundry material, the ceramic foundry sand has much higher cost performance than other foundry sands such as silica sand, chromite sand and zircon sand. Excellent performance for the casting industry, energy saving, emission reduction provides a practical solution, casting enterprises are the best choice of modeling materials.The excellent properties of ceramic foundry sand provide a feasible solution for energy saving and emission reduction in foundry industry, and it is the best choice of modeling materials for foundry enterprises.
Compared with traditional materials, ceramic foundry sand has compact structure, nearly spherical surface, high temperature resistance, good permeability and collapsibility, and high recycling rate. In sand casting process, using Baozhu sand can save 30 ~ 50% of the binder, improve product quality and yield, and the recycling rate can reach more than 98%.The direct effect of using ceramic foundry sand for foundry enterprises is to reduce the production cost, but also significantly reduce the solid waste and emission of waste gas in foundry enterprises.While improving the production environment of foundry enterprises, it can effectively reduce and avoid the risk of silicosis among industrial workers.
Ceramic foundry sand has a wide range of application and it can be used in sand casting, lost foam casting, V process casting, coated sand, shell casting and precision casting. At present, it is widely used in automobile casting, railway casting, ship casting, aviation casting, power generation casting, machine tool casting and mould casting. Now it is maturely used in ladle drainage, surface shot peening treatment, casting coating and other fields.
The market of ceramic foundry sand is mainly middle and high-end products, and the technology of replacing chromite sand and zircon sand is very mature. As an innovation of traditional modeling materials, ceramic foundry sand is more and more recognized in foundry industry, and more and more enterprises are actually applied.

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