3D Print is the Current Development Trend of Foundry Enterprise

In the aspect of casting mould, the rapid response and high degree of freedom of 3D printing technology have brought tremendous changes to the mould manufacturing industry, shortening the cycle, reducing costs, lowering the threshold, improving life and customization.3


Correct Selection of Raw Material For Resin Bonded Sand Casting Process Can Reducing Casting Cost

Correct selection of raw materials for resin bonded sand casting process is the basis of reducing the cost of resin bonded sand casting. The choice of raw materials has a greater impact on the cost of casting, which has been recognized by the vast majority of peers, because the quality of raw materials, on the one hand, affects the addition and consumption of various materials, on the other hand, affects the quality of castings.


Process Flow of Core Making with Casting Coated Sand

Coated sand is a kind of sand base which is made of high quality and selected natural sand, through resin coated system with special performance and the most ideal technology, according to the technic


Environmental Protection Advantages of High Quality Casting Sand-Ceramic Foundry Sand

Ceramic foundry sand is a new environmental protection casting material developed in recent years, which can improve casting quality, reduce production cost, reduce environmental pollution for foundry enterprises, and effectively reduce the risk of occupational silicosis caused by traditional molding materials.


Advantages of New Foundry Material Ceramic Foundry Sand in Foundry Production

Ceramic foundry sand has high thermal conductivity, good stability, no cracking and wide application range. This new type of sand has the advantages of high refractoriness, good fluidity and high permeability, and solves the defects in casting production to a certain extent, so it has attracted wide attention of the international foundry industry and become the new favorite of foundry sand.


Application of Ceramic Foundry Sand in Large Steel Castings

In the production of large steel castings, the ester hardened sodium silicate sand used is inorganic binder molding sand, which is non-toxic, non-irritating, and is the preferred molding material for


How to solve the problems of casting process defects-swelling sand and casting fin?

Swelling sand and casting fin are the common defects in casting. How to solve these casting problems?


What are the causes of rough and unsmooth casting surface? How to solve it?

The rough and unsmooth surface of castings is a common casting defect, which is caused by the rough surface of the mold cavity and the chemical reaction between the molten metal and the surface of the mold cavity.


Coated Sand Casting Process Flow and Benefits of Ceramic Foundry Sand for Coated Sand

Coated sand casting has a long history in the field of foundry, and the output of castings is quite large; The coated sand has suitable strength performance and good fluidity;


Which is Better, Resin Sand or Coated Sand? What's the Difference?

Resin sand and coated sand are commonly used materials for casting metal workpieces, but the castings produced by them are different because of their different components. Coated sand is a kind of molding sand or core sand whose surface is covered with a layer of solid resin film before molding. Resin sand is self-hardening sand, cold hardening, hardening with curing agent; Coated sand is heat hardening, hardening by heating.


How will the foundry industry face the opportunities and challenges in 2020?

In 2020, the number of foundry enterprises in China is expected to decrease from more than 26000 at present to less than 15000, forming a number of leading foundry enterprises with independent innovation ability and international competitiveness.


What castings are suitable for the lost foam casting process?

Motor shell structure, cylinder block, grearbox,high chromium cast irons-wear-resistant parts, valve body, pipe type, pump shell,agricultural machinery products, machine tool parts, metallurgical machinery are suitable for lost foam casting process.

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