Advantages and Disadvantages of Sodium Silicate Sand Precision Casting Compared with Cold Set Resin Bonded Sand Casting

The main difference between sodium silicate sand precision casting and cold set resin bonded sand casting is that it uses different binders and curing agents, so its production processes are different.


Casting Process Flow

Foundry has had thousands of years of history and formed a standardized casting process.The main processes of sand casting are as follows.


What are the common defects and causes in precoated sand shell casting process?

Coated sand casting has a long history in foundry field. nowadays, with the continuous improvement of raw materials, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology, the quality of coated sand has been continuously improved, and the production cost has been reduced.The application of coated sand has been developed more rapidly,product types continue to increase, and has formed a series. Coated sand castings have superior quality, low price and are favored by customers.However, do you know what are the defects in the production process of coated sand? What are the main reasons for the defects and what are the measures to avoid them?


High-end magnesium alloy casting technology is the future development direction of manufacturing industry

Magnesium alloy, as the lightest engineering metal material, is an important material in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic communications and other fields.The use of magnesium alloy part


What are the advantages of lost foam casting over sand casting?

According to the comparison between sand casting and EPC process, EPC has eight advantages: wide production range, high precision and standard shape, suitable castings can reduce operating cost, short


Advantages of V Method Casting Process for Casting Wear Resistant Parts

V method casting is also called vacuum sealed molding.V method casting, namely vacuum sealed molding; The principle is to use plastic film to seal the sand box, and use vacuum pump to draw out the air


What are the components of coated sand in coated sand casting process?

In coated sand casting process, coated sand components generally consist of refractory materials, bonding agents, curing agents, lubricants and special additives.


Advantages of Coated Sand Shell Mould for Steel Castings

The coated sand casting has a long history in the foundry field, and the output of the coated sand casting is also quite large. Application of ceramic foundry sand : coated sand can be made into mold


What is the difference between sodium silicate sand casting, resin sand casting and coated sand casting?

What is the difference between sodium silicate sand casting, resin sand casting and coated sand casting? In fact, sodium silicate sand, resin sand, resin coated sand although all belong to foundry cas


Several Problems in the Foundry Technology of Sodium Silicate Sand

The application practice of resin bonded sand casting process shows that the resin bonded sand has many advantages such as high dimensional precision, smooth surface, high molding efficiency, capable


How to choose ceramic foundry sand? How to choose the specification of ceramic foudnry sand?

In the casting process, different specifications of ceramic foundry sand are selected according to different casting technology. For example, some meshes are suitable for aluminum castings, and some meshes are more suitable for steel castings.


Application of Ceramic Foundry Sand in Foundry Technology

Green foundry is the development trend of foundry industry in the future. With the discovery and application of ceramic foundry sand and the improvement and maturity of old sand reclamation technology, alkali phenolic resin self-hardening sand gradually shows the advantages of mass production of high-quality steel castings, and becomes the choice of molding technology for newly built and rebuilt steel casting plants.

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